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Let me preface this write up with this: If you mention that you read about Gulf City Cleaners on CMC, you will get a 10% discount on your cleaning through July 24th!

Gulf City Cleaners is over 100 years old. They’ve been making customers happy for 100 years! They are my favorite cleaners to use on the Eastern Shore. They have a reputation for high customer satisfaction that they most definitely do not take for granted.

I go about twice a week to the cleaners, and each time I go, I pay a reasonable, competitive rate, and I know for sure that my clothes are in good hands. In the words of the cleaners themselves:

The mission statement of Gulf City Cleaners, Inc is to provide the highest quality service to every individual and to provide care to all garments so that the staff would be proud to personally wear them to any occasion.

When I go into >Gulf City Cleaners, they personally greet me by my first name, and they know without having to look into any book exactly how I like my clothes cleaned. How does your cleaners treat you? Can you honestly say that for the same price, you get this kind of service?

If you have a custom-made garment for which you want the utmost in care, Gulf City Cleaners is the place for you.

Gulf City Cleaners is located at the corner of Nichols and 98 in Fairhope, next to the Deli Depot.

Some things you may not know about Gulf City:

  • They replace buttons at no charge
  • Shirts are folded for travel or hung on hangers at your request
  • Your clothes will come back within two days — most of time within 24 hours.

and there are two relatively new services I’ve seen added to their repertoire. These are really cool.

  • Tuxedo rental. They have a wonderful catalog full of beautiful tuxedos for a better price than other tux rental places in town. If you rent your bridal party tuxedos through them, the groom gets his free. You know I love FREE!
  • Pillow cleaning. Ever thought about how long it’s been since you washed your pillow? You spend 8 hours (ok, get real, maybe 6? 5? lol) a night on the pillow. You sweat on the pillow. You sometimes get a shower in the morning. Hmmm. How about a clean pillow? Gulf City Cleaners does it for you, and puts a clean ticking on your old favorite.

We offer the exclusive Pillow-Vac Renovating System to clean pillows. Feather or Poly fill pillows are cleaned, fluffed, sanitized and placed in a new ticking (cover). Feathers/down may be added if needed.

And friends, I hope you never need this, but Gulf City Cleaners offers extensive flood and smoke damage restoration. Simply have your insurance company contact Gulf City at (251) 928-4117.

If you ever have a problem with a stain that just doesn’t seem to want to come out, bring it to Gulf City. They’ll do their very best to get that stain out, but never at the cost of your delicate fabric. They stop short of damaging your fabric, so if you get a garment back with a trace of the stain still there, know that Gulf City has done everything they can for your garment without damaging it.

Meet some of the lovely people who clean your clothes every day at Gulf City Cleaners!

When I talked to the owner of Gulf City Cleaners, I asked him for a picture of the place where the clothes are cleaned. I told him that it had always seemed like a black hole for me…you know, you drop the clothes off, and you pick them up a day or so later, but you never have any idea who’s handling them, what the machines look like, how they press them (or am I the only person who’s weird enough to wonder this stuff? )

If you have ever wondered what the inside of the cleaners looks like, check it out!

Remember, if you mention that you read about Gulf City Cleaners on CMC, you will get a 10% discount on your cleaning through June 24th!

Fairhope’s Finest is reserved for those businesses in Fairhope who are outstanding in their fields. Gulf City Cleaners, with their over 100 years of happy customers definitely belongs in this exclusive group. Gulf City, welcome to Fairhope’s Finest!

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